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  • Our team is assessing all the essential job functions and duties of the closing C-17 Globemaster facility in Long Beach
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Interactive Job Descriptions for the Treating Physician

Modified Work Assistance

Experience the Convenience of Web-Based Access

A Video Job Analysis is uniquely designed to give an employee’s treating physician certain advantages over and above what a typical written job description cannot provide. With today’s technology, existing written job descriptions can be modified to contain interactive video links leading a physician to a more comprehensive visual understanding of an employee’s essential and non-essential job duties. The Video JA process breaks down and visually categorizes each of these essential job tasks. When combined with early intervention, an injured employee should be able to return to work as soon as possible and without any unnecessary delays.

Video JA Library Web Hosting

Imagine having all of a company’s job descriptions documented in a Video JA library.  Not only would they be useful for post injury analysis, but they can also be used in the hiring and training process to better educate a prospective employee. This catalog of information can be web hosted by our server.  The first year of hosting is complimentary and comes with our standard service plan. We also work closely with IT departments to ensure that all firewall and security protocols are maintained.

The trouble with a doctor prescribing modified duty for an injured employee is that it is often difficult to acquire information regarding any available return to work alternatives. Even with a standard written job analysis, it is sometimes difficult for a doctor to understand exactly what the original job duties had involved.  In addition to this, the injured employee is not always aware of how his or her job duties can be modified and what would be acceptable to the employer.  At times, the doctor, employee, and even the employee’s immediate supervisor will not be aware of the type of transitional or alternate work that might be available to keep an injured employee within the physician imposed work restrictions.  Having an employee off work can be quite costly to the employer.

On-Site Video Documentation

Our team of Video JA Counselors are available to video document any on-site job activities.  Trained vocational counselors are carefully taught the essential video process for developing comprehensive written job description to go along with the videos.  Once completed, the Video JA is online for final stakeholder approval.

By utilizing Electronic Medical Record method of delivery, Video Job Analysis can easily integrate into any business communication platform. With online access, information can be immediately and simultaneously shared between employers, claims examiners, case managers, vocational counselors, and doctor offices.  This helps to ensure a more accurate and consistent interpretation of an injured employee’s customary pre-injury job description.  The context in which any physical limitations or disabilities apply is better understood by all parties.

Training and Consulting -

Early Return To Work Programs

Our experienced team will train your case management staff or doctor’s office to implement the Video JA program.  Once the Video JA library is online, training takes little time and effort.  This is due to the simplicity of our program.  Don’t have online access?  That’s okay.  Video JA libraries can easily be accessed on portable and inexpensive CDs and DVDs.

With the goal of keeping an employee productive at some type of activity, one can see the advantage of having immediate access to a company Video JA library showing all possible work classifications.

Having this information, return to work discussions between the doctor, employee, employer, case manager, and even an ergonomist can begin as early as possible.


With over 19 years of experience to build upon, we have some projects to show for it.

Transferring military occupational skills (MOS) to a civilian workforce was easier said than done.  DoD utilizes VideoJA  technology so that our veterans may return to work after deployment.

BOEING Leave Behind Report Program 2015

Our team are assessing all the essential job functions and duties of the closing C-17 Globemaster facility in Long Beach.

Strategic planning for mobile devices so that adoption of required Electronic Medical Records are seamlessly accepted.




In the late 90's, two industries existed side by side but worlds apart in concept.


In Costa Mesa, CA., a workers compensation company needed to find a way to give doctors a visual overview of the physical functions of an employee.  Video was the logical choice.  The raw video footage could be submitted to doctors on VHS.  But the medical provider's opinion of watching running video for what seemed like eternity was not a welcomed moment.


In Santa Ana, CA., another man was pioneering a bustling multimedia production business.  Brian Martin had spent the last 18 years pioneering the latest technologies for most of the fortune 500 into TV award winning projects.  His passion for technology and the world wide web became his next principle focus.




Brian combined the services of a workers compensation company, the talents of a vocational counselor and the skills of a multimedia producer to develop a unique service for the stakeholders of the workers compensation cycle called VideoJA.com.  Perseverance, faith and scores of talented risk industry professionals put the Video JA on the map for good.   The Bayer Corporation was the first library of Video JAs to be created.  Next it was American Airlines, USF Trucking, and the challenging Boeing Company.  Soon the Video Job Analysis libraries had grown to include Fortune 500 companies across the country.




Industry leaders such as Concentra, Coventry, Gallagher Bassett, SRS, WorkersCompensation.com and many others have adopted our Video Job Analysis system.  We are now utilizing 4K cameras and Windows 10 web based applications for servicing the growing Electronic Medical Record community.


It has never been better for cost containment programs and risk management technologies that Employers, Insurers, TPAs and the medical providers can realize in outcomes and return on investments: that's always been Brian's guiding principle over the last 19 years.


Since 1998, Video Job Analysis has cared to show their very best.

Our strong team is the backbone of everything we do.








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